Each year, the Writing Intensive Program serves approximately 6000 undergraduates in writing-intensive courses in a variety of disciplines, including art history, sociology, geology, mathematics, and all of the introductory biology labs. Students consistently have reported that their experience with The Writing Intensive Program

  • strengthened their writing skills;
  • built their confidence in the writing process;
  • forced a deeper engagement in course reading, discussions, and assignments;
  • taught them the writing conventions of their discipline;
  • heightened their critical thinking skills; and
  • prepared them for writing in other courses and future goals, such as graduate school or career-related work.

What Students Say

“The writing assignments pushed me to think critically and really understand the content.”

—Spring 2020

“Thanks to this class, I can write plainly, clearly, thoroughly, and quickly. This will serve me for the rest of my life.”

—Fall 2019

“No better way to learn than to write about the material.”

—Spring 2019

“I felt that the paper strengthened my education more than anything else I have done this semester across my academics.”

—Fall 2018

“I feel like I got more out of the course because of the writing.”

—Spring 2018

“I am a better writing, scholar and thinker now.”

—Fall 2017

“Overall, the writing element kept me engaged and actively thinking about the subject material and its implications.”

—Spring 2017

“I was overall satisfied with the course mainly because of the writing. It helped me with being more active in class and helped me better understand the course material.”

—Fall 2016

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