Call for Undergraduate Course Proposals – 2020-21

The Franklin College Writing Intensive Program invites proposals from Arts and Sciences faculty in all disciplines for innovative undergraduate courses that encourage writing. Faculty submitting successful proposals will be awarded a trained teaching assistant qualified to assign and to respond to writing in the disciplines. Please note: for split level courses, the teaching assistant will only be responsible for coaching undergraduate students at this time. Submit through March 7, 2020.

Proposal Guidelines

Writing-intensive undergraduate courses vary across disciplines, but all make writing important to the thinking of the course, give students opportunities to write in low-stakes and high-stakes situations, and engage students in conversations about writing. In general, writing-intensive undergraduate courses should:

  • Feature innovative writing assignments that a) relate clearly to course learning; b) teach the communication values of a discipline—for example, its practices of argument, evidence, credibility, and format; and c) prepare students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school, and in professional life.
  • Stage assignments to emphasize the writing process or sequence assignments to emphasize the constitutive parts of effective writing in a field.
  • Provide opportunities for planning, feedback, and revision.
  • Underscore the value of writing to the course, the discipline, and student learning by making writing a substantive component of the overall course grade.
  • Make effective use of WIP teaching assistants and make their resources clear to students.

Download Information

Download PDF copies of the Call for Undergraduate Course Proposals and the Submission Form for 2020-2021:

Proposal Submission

1. Complete the course proposal online:

2. Or, fill out a WIP undergraduate course proposal form and send your completed proposal to Dr. Lindsey Harding, Writing Intensive Program Director, Park Hall 254, or email to

Proposals Due: March 7, 2020